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International conference ERIN 2019



Conference ERIN 2019

The 13th year of the successful international conference ERIN - Education Research Innovation, was held in April this year under the auspices of the Dean of FSI VUT Brno doc. Ing. Jaroslav Katolický Ph.D. The main idea and aim of the conference is to create a space for presentation of results of doctoral, scientific and research works and effective exchange of knowledge and information in the areas of energy, environmental protection, production technologies, innovative technologies and processes.

Provyko s.r.o. is repeatedly one of the ERIN sponsors.

More on:  http://www.erin-conference.cz/

Conference ERIN 2019
Datum a čas: 12.04.2019 09:24
Napsal: Kateřina Váňová
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