Boilers and Heat Exchangers for Heat and Power Generation

We are a young company established in 2011, dealing with the design, delivery, and commissioning of boilers, their accessories, and heat exchangers for power plants, heating plants, and other power operations into service. Our team consists of individuals with a long experience in the industry and, at the same time, young people with a strong desire for work, a lot of new ideas, and sound knowledge of modern design procedures.

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Our main advantages include fast design of the solution and processing of documentation. At the same time, each project is assessed on a case-by-case basis so as the designed solution would meet the specific requirements of the customer or situation in the technology installation point in the best possible way.

New Boilers
New Boilers Our offer includes boilers firing solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels as well as HRSG boilers.
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Combustion Systems
Combustion Systems We offer projects and deliveries of new combustion systems as well as designs, reconstructions, and modifications to the existing combustion systems for all types of boilers.
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Denitrification of Combustion Equipment
Denitrification of Combustion Equipment DeNOx – denitrification of combustion equipment. Complex and innovative designs to reduce nitrogen oxides in flue gases of the combustion equipment.
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Milling Circuits
Milling Circuits Our company deals with milling systems for the treatment of pulverized coal of the dry and wet bottom boilers.
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Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers We provide complex services for tube heat exchangers for power generation and industry.
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Measurement of Air/Flue Gas Paths
Measurement of Air/Flue Gas Paths We measure air/flue gas paths of the boilers to the maximum temperature of the medium 500°C with velocity probes.
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CFD Analyses
CFD Analyses CFD analyses, including - in particular - flow, heat transfer, and chemical reactions, are becoming the tool, which can improve both parameters of the equipment, and proper understanding of its function.
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Strength Calculations
Strength Calculations We make a wide range of strength analyses for highly stressed components of power generation equipment.
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Ekooptim Power generation installations of currently operated power, heating, and industrial plants have a great potential for a remarkable improvement in their management, and additional financial benefits through modifications and modernizations of their equipment. Ekooptim in General These investments can be so effective that their return on investment can take a few years only. EKOOPTIM is a technical-economical product designed to reach measurable, verifiable, and short pay-back additional economic benefit from the power equipment operation compared to its baseline conditions.
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