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  • Analyses of the existing combustion systems with respect to the future emission limits and the possibility of application of SNCR or SCR
  • Complex combustion system designs
  • Reconstructions and modifications of overfire systems
  • Reburning
  • Combustion adjustment and optimization
  • Construction and manufacture of low-emission burners

One of the basic factors having the influence on the NOx formation are primarily the rate of burning, flame temperature, flame length, excess air, and pulverized coal fineness. The technologies of NOx emissions reduction within the framework of the combustion process include application of primary methods.

These methods include installation of low-emission burners, i.e. Low NOx Burners (LNB), reburning, burnout air zones, recirculation of flue gases, and further components supporting optimization of combustion with respect to the NOx reduction.

Combustion Systems

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