Power generation installations of currently operated power, heating, and industrial plants have a great potential for a remarkable improvement in their management, and additional financial benefits through modifications and modernizations of their equipment. Ekooptim in General These investments can be so effective that their return on investment can take a few years only. EKOOPTIM is a technical-economical product designed to reach measurable, verifiable, and short pay-back additional economic benefit from the power equipment operation compared to its baseline conditions.

Identifies and examines possibilities of the technical improvements in the power-generation operations

Objective: economic benefit with a short-term payback period

Inputs, starting points
  • detailed inspection of the power-generation equipment at the site
  • available technical documentation
  • information about operating regime
  • basic performance economic data

Data, characteristics, and information collected during the inspection will be used to modify the technical-economic model to the specific needs of the operator.

Benefit for the customer
  • identification of technical solutions, modifications, and investments with a very short payment period
  • assessment of additional, so far non-identified, economic potential of power plants, heating, and industrial power plants
  • huge increase in the income generated by older and smaller power-generation units
  • identification of latent possibilities to improve the economy of well-operated equipment
  • improvement in thermal cycle efficiency, reduction in the own consumption of the components and equipment, improvement in performance, better availability, and operating flexibility
  • impacts of changes in the initial conditions, quality, and type of fuel, external economic environment to the economy of the operation, measures to mitigate for any negative impacts of changes
Ekooptim 1st stage
  • maximum cooperation between the management responsible for the operation as well as its technical staff and the contractor
  • close cooperation with the management of the power generation owner
  • thorough inspection of the equipment in cooperation with the operator
  • collection of basic technical and economic data
  • assessment of the current condition and operation of the equipment
  • drafting of preliminary conclusions describing possible qualitative benefits
  • preparation of possible modifications, solutions, and investments list
  • joint evaluation of the 1st stage on the basis of the preliminary report
  • decision of the customer whether to continue in EKOOPTIM 
  • formulation of objectives for the 2nd stage: for instance, expected payback period, limitations, and special conditions
Ekooptim 2nd Stage
  • more detailed technical development of selected technical designs and their parameters
  • modification and adjustment to the technical-economic model of the operation with the existing operating regime
  • modelling of proposed technical changes, and economic objectives
  • assessment of the engineering solutions from the point of technical feasibility and financial benefit
  • benchmarking and modification of particular technical solutions and their impacts on the basis of continuously reached results of modelling
  • inclusion of costs and benefits of the individual modifications, sum of the initial investments, and consequently induced changes in the operating and maintenance costs
  • sensitivity and robustness tests to input changes
  • effort to reach the shortest payback period of proposed solutions