Measurement of Air/Flue Gas Paths

We measure air/flue gas paths of the boilers to the maximum temperature of the medium 500°C with velocity probes.

We measure air/flue gas paths of the boiler to the maximum temperature of the medium 500°C with velocity probes. In addition, we can also use an apparatus to measure emissions in the outgoing flue gases, for example, NOx, and CO.

By measurement, we can determine:
  • velocity profile in the duct cross-section in the point of the network measurement
  • real flow of the medium in the point of measurement
  • ventilation of milling circuits at the outlet from classifiers
  • correction coefficient, allowing to calibrate operating flow measurement of the specific medium
To measure the flow, we use:
  • Prandtl tube: length 0.5 m, 1.0 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m, and 2.5 m
  • direct probe (S-probe): length 1.0 m, and 1.5 m
  • micromanometers and manometers of the company AIRFLOW.
Other used measurement instruments:
  • portable emission analyzer NOVA PLUS from the company MRU
  • industrial endoscope Olympus IPLEX LX model IV 


We collect samples of pulverized coal, fired in lignite and bituminous coal-fired boilers, by an isokinetic sampling probe and we can immediately analyze the granulometry of such collected pulverized coal by an analytical sieve shaker.

By sampling we can determine:
  • weight distribution of the pulverized coal in the pulverized coal duct cross-section in the sampling point
  • granulometric analysis of the collected pulverized coal
To collect pulverized coal and granulometry, we use:
  • isokinetic sampling probe
  • analytical sieve shaker AS 200 control
  • precision balance KERN KB 3600-2N