Heat Exchangers

We provide complex services for tube heat exchangers for power generation and industry.

We deliver tube heat exchangers for power engineering and industry based on our in-house thermal and engineering design or, as the case may be, on the basis of the assigned basic design of the customer. The design of our exchangers is based on thermal-dynamic calculations and internationally recognized standards. We make customized designs as requested by the individual operator.

The thermal design of exchangers is prepared in accordance with HEI standard, and our gained experience. The design and strength calculation of exchangers can follow standards EN13445, ASME VIII div. 1, DIN-AD2000M, ČSN 690010. Maximal parameters of strength dimensioning to 300 bar/500°C. Application of the directive 2014/68/EU (PED) is maintained.

We apply the finite element analysis (FEA) for strength calculations of non-standardized parts. In addition, the engineering includes re-calculation of external stress in apparatuses, such as seismicity. 

Offered services
  • advisory and consultancy activities
  • thermal proposal of the exchanger
  • engineering and strength proposal of the exchanger
  • production documentation and engineering
  • deliveries of complete systems
  • coordination in the workshop incl. notified body approval and supervision
  • assembly and putting of equipment into operation
  • servicing activities
Benefits for the customer
  • improved efficiency of the cycle
  • improved operating parameters
  • waste heat recuperation
  • decrease in operating costs
Low-Pressure Heaters

Multi-pass, with U-tubes or straight tubes, removable water chamber, integrated condensate cooler. Horizontal or vertical design in compliance with the lay-out limits or requests of the customer.

High-Pressure Heaters

Most commonly two-pass heaters, with U tubes, either vertical or horizontal design, all-welded structure, water chamber with a self-sealing closure. With integrated internals of the condensate cooler, and steam condensers.

Surface Condensers, Heaters

Surface condensers for the max. turbine output ca. 100 MW, i.e., condensers to the max. ca. 100 t, and diameter 3.5 m. Either axial or radial steam inlet. The design of condensers allows for continuous cleaning of heat-transferring tubes. Heat-transferring tubes from stainless steel, brass, or titanium.

Heaters work in the overpressure and/or mild underpressure mode. Multi-pass, with U tubes or direct tubes, horizontal or vertical design. With integrated internals of condensate cooler, and steam/air mixture.

Special Exchangers, Pressure and Non-Pressure Vessels

For example, steam air heaters, coolers, pressure, and non-pressure vessels are other heat exchangers.